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Posted by Mel on August 30, 2005

Soooo…..just checking in. Not much going on in the fertility world at the moment – we scheduled our appointment with the docs for next Friday (Alex’s birthday…) to discuss their feedback on our cycle. Until then, nothing much going on in that area. Although one funny thing – here I am thinking my butt had recovered from all of the shots…well, ran a bit yesterday and when I stretched after, realized I still have a knot in one of my cheeks. Guess that it doesn’t go away that easily…

One interesting story – I went to the dentist today, and I had to update my medical history. Well, I noted that I’m taking pre-natal vitamins (for about 3 years running) and of course, as they always do, the hygienist (sp?) asked me if we were planning to start a family. Told her we’ve been trying to for a long time and she asks me ‘well, have you tried taking your temperature in the mornings because I tried to get pregnant for a year and once I finally took my temps, I got pregnant right away’….I politely smiled and said oh yeah, we’ve tried just about everything…literally. If it were only that simple – the funny/ironic thing about this story is she told me the the same thing about 2 years ago…when she saw I was taking pre-natal vitamins…well when she told me then, we were not taking temps so we thought we’d try it. We were encouraged by her story. Guess she didn’t remember telling me, but that is the thing that I remember about her the most…that story. It sounds so different to me now…

On another note, I’ve been totally enjoying my ‘downshift’ (Big up, Cesar :-). I really don’t have any worries at this point about being bored – there are so many projects to tackle! I already have a list a page long. I started my Spanish course yesterday…I think it is going to be very effective and I’m excited. I’ll probably spend about 2 hours a day on it….so according to the guidelines, I should be proficient in 6 months if I keep up that pace. We shall see…right now I am just trying to burn all of the verb tenses into my brain. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

That’s about it from Alex and Melissa land. Just plugging along, doing our thang…

love to all…m


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What up

Posted by Mel on August 26, 2005

Hey everyone – just wanted to check in and let you all know that we are doing pretty ok. Of course we were really upset when we got the news, but unfortunately, we have become somewhat accustomed to this. NOT that it makes it easier each time – just that you kind of figure out how to deal with it…or at least you realize that you CAN deal with it. We’ve been doing alot of nothing…of course Alex is back at work, but when he’s home, we’ve been watching old episodes of Scrubs (the greatest show on TV, in case you are wondering), cleaning house here and there, and yesterday I got a bit of ‘exercise’ for the first time in forever. I took Nava to a new dog park about a mile and almost a half from our house. It was a great walk and she had fun chasing the ball…I’m thinking today I may go again and try and brave taking both dogs.

So, we are moving forward and doing alright. We are supposed to meet with the doctors next week to discuss our cycle and get their feedback…they should have more information from the labs, etc. to hopefully shed some light on our situation. It is then that we will begin discussing next steps….so we will see. I will keep you updated…

We thank you for all of you kind thoughts, emails, calls, etc. We feel very loved…

love to all,

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Posted by Mel on August 23, 2005

Well, the pregnancy test was negative…:-(. I have to say I am very surprised. We took our own home test this morning and thought we saw a very, very faint line…guess it was projecting our hopes and desires. We are sad…but ok. We thank you all for the amazing love and support you’ve sent our way through this process…it has made a tremendous difference, even with the news today. We know that you all feel our pain and are there with us. Please continue your prayers for us…we need them…

We are gonna just lay low today and try and get our heads around this…thanks again to you all for everything. We love you.


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Posted by Mel on August 22, 2005

Well, tomorrow is the day…the big pregnancy test. We are anxious, nervous, all of the above. We go early in the morning and they take blood – then they will call probably early afternoon with the results. When we first did the other treatments before this IVF cycle, I was surprised that they deliver the news with a phone call – I always thought they would do the test right away and tell you the results in person. But I guess that is hard to do with a blood test, so you have to wait in anticipation for a while. Alex will stay home with me tomorrow and do the wait with me ;-).

Please keep your prayers coming…we love you all!! Will post tomorrow when we know something…send many prayers our way 🙂


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Just chillin…

Posted by Mel on August 17, 2005

Hey everyone – just checking in. There is no news to report, other than my butt is still sore and lumpy. It’s pretty funny actually – if I thought I had a donky butt before, now I definitely do. But we are both doing pretty well and I’m feeling pretty ok – my ovaries seem to be about back to normal other than the occasional spasm. Only thing is sometimes I walk a little funny cause my butt is so sore…but that I can handle ;-).

We are just biding our time until next Tuesday when we get to go take the pregnancy test. Until then, we’re still doing the shots once a day and taking a couple of other medicines daily. I’m working two days this week and then I am done with work for a while…gonna take a ‘leave of absence’ and do some other things. First on my list is to finally and really learn Spanish! Bout time, huh?

So that’s about it – please, please continue with your much appreciated prayers. Thanks so much and love to all!


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From the land of Bed-ville

Posted by Mel on August 14, 2005

Well, I’ve been in bed for almost 36 hours – literally. I’ve really only gotten up to use the bathroom. The docs didn’t say I needed to stay in bed for two days, but we are just doing it for good measure ;-). I was SO tired yesterday after the transfer – they had me take a Xanax an hour before the procedure and man, it knocked me out for the entire day. As soon as we got home, I fell into bed and slept hard for 3 hours. Slept a little more on and off the rest of the day, and then had to go to bed for the night at 11 cause I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Guess that’s what happens when you are a xanax virgin. I’m glad I took it, though – it was good to come home and just rest.

As Alex posted, things went well at the doctor yesterday. Ironically, though, I had a hard time getting my bladder full to do the procedure – you have to have a completely full bladder before they start and they ask you to drink 64 ounces of water an hour before, which I dutifully did. Well, for you all that know me well, you know that I NEVER have a hard time with my bladder being full – I generally have a hard time with it not being full! But sure enough, yesterday we had to wait an extra 30 – 45 minutes for my bladder to fill up. Like I said, ironic…

It was a little nervewracking when the docs came to talk to us about our embryos. They were a little behind in their development than where they expected them to be yesterday, so that’s why they recommended putting three back in. I wasn’t expecting this, but the doctor was good about answering our questions and giving us time to decide what we wanted to do. Although it still was/is a little vague what it all means…but I’m not sure that it matters. We are done with the ‘active’ part of this process and it is all in God’s hands. It felt a little weird yesterday to not have a next step in this process…like a next round of shots or the next procedure, or whatever. It was a strange feeling, because now there is nothing we can do or nothing to focus our attention on…no more hormone levels to obsess over…just trust and let go ;-).

Oh, and we heard from the doctor today about our other embryo – it continued developing through the night, but arrested (stopped developing) this morning. So it is not a candidate for being frozen. We were a little sad to hear this, but they told us yesterday that it was unlikely that it would continue to develop. So now we are praying for the 3 little ones hanging out in my uterus…:-). We take a pregnancy test in 10 days – a week from Tuesday. So please continue your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate them so much!

love to all…m

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Three little embryos…

Posted by Mel on August 13, 2005

Well today was the big day of our embryo transfer!

We arrived at the doctor’s office early this morning excited to find out the number of embryos and their condition. As you may remember, we had eleven fertilized embryos after day 3. Today (day 5) we found out that seven had stopped developing so that left us with a total of four viable embryos. The doctor showed us a picture of those four and discussed with us our options in terms of how many should be transferred in.

We opted to follow the advice of the doctor and move forward with transferring three embryos as this should give us the best chance of success. The fourth embryo will remain in the lab and we will get a call tomorrow to let us know his/her condition. If he/she is still developing, we will then freeze it for potential future use.

I’m going to be brief and let Melissa explain all of the details. She is very tired after the procedure and is now getting some rest. She will actually be in bed rest for the next couple of days so I’m sure she will love having me tend to her every whim.


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Good news!

Posted by Mel on August 11, 2005

Well, we got up this morning and got all ready for our embryo transfer – got all of the medicines together that I was supposed to take (ibuprofen, xanax (hehe), and some antibiotic), got three big bottles of water to take with us (you have to have a FULL bladder when they do the transfer), and got another jab in my butt before we departed. (and just as an aside, the shot today seems much better – we got some advice from some wise nurse friends to try laying flat when inserting the needle – we are so dumb that I was kind of half laying, which was tensing up my muscle…so anyway, so far, so good today). So we headed out for the docs office (which is like 40 miles away, in rush hour traffic) and we got a call just as we were turning onto the highway. It was a nurse from the docs office calling to say that the embryologist has decided to push our transfer out to day 5…Saturday. That’s good! She didn’t give us any information on the embryos or how they are doing, but generally speaking, when you are pushed to a day 5 transfer, that means things are doing pretty well. We’ve been told a few times that going to day 5 ‘is a good thing’ and I know that the docs prefer to do a day 5 transfer if possible. What this means is that the embryos have two more days to develop into what they call the blastocyst stage. I’ve copied an excerpt from my doc’s website to try and explain a bit what this means:

“Blastocyst stage embryo culture is used as a tool to select the highest quality embryo(s) for replacement. Human embryos reach the blastocyst stage of development at 5 days following egg retrieval. Those embryos that have survived and grown to this stage of development have a high implantation potential. By extending culture from day-3 to day-5 of development, an embryologist can better select the most viable embryo from transfer.”

So hopefully that explains it a little – I just know that we were hoping for a call today saying we were delayed, and we got one. We feel good about that – but we are also keeping our reactions to any news tempered as we know that there are no guarantees and that it is trully out of our hands. So we are still praying for our little embryos and will be heading back for the transfer on Saturday. I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself today and tomorrow…I’m free for a movie if there are any takers ;-).

We so value and appreciate all of your prayers – please keep them coming!!! love to all…m

PS – Happy Birthday, Annaly!! We miss you guys. Hope you have a great day!!

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Donkey butt

Posted by Mel on August 10, 2005

Not much news to report today other than my butt is SORE!!! Man, I can’t believe how sore it is!! I actually had to go and buy a heating pad today for my freaking butt! What it feels like is a charlie horse, or a really sore muscle – so nothing unbearable by any means, just way more sore than I would have expected. I just hope the side we used first calms down a little before we have to go for that one again tomorrow. So that’s about it – we are scheduled to go tomorrow morning at 10:00 for the transfer. They will call us early in the morn if they decide to delay it two more days – will post tomorrow after we go or know something…So keep the prayers coming!! love to all…m

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A day later…

Posted by Mel on August 9, 2005

Well, started the day with a nice big shot in my booty – we had to start progesterone shots today to make sure my body and hormone levels are where they need to be for the transfer and everything that follows. Alex and I were both scared – with the other shots, I could give them to myself so I was able to do the first two on my own, to test the waters. This one, however, has to go in my butt, or the top part of my butt, so no way I can inject myself. And the needle is huge – an inch and a half long – and not thin. So we were scared. Also, to make it even more scary, once the needle is finally in (and it has to go in all the way), you have to pull back a little to make sure no blood comes into the syringe…wha?? If you see blood, you’ve hit a blood vessel and you have to ‘reposition’ the needle. Aaaggghh! So I lay over the couch and Alex gets in position – i.e. holding the syringe like a dart. He has a couple of false starts and kept telling me not to look – little does he know I was watching his reflection in the tv…hehe. So finally he takes a deep breath and plunges it in….and it really didn’t hurt! Then he mutters ‘please no blood, please no blood’. And there was no blood. It was much better than I expected – now I just feel like I have a little charlie horse where the shot went it. That’s all. Yeah for Alex…

Now for the real news – got a call from the docs and they said that 11 of our 23 eggs fertilized. They let about half of them try to fertilize on their own and did a procedure called ICSI on the other half – ICSI is where they inject a sperm directly into the egg. The doc said that ICSI worked better than the natural fertilization – he didn’t give me numbers, but he said that if we ever had to do this again (which hopefully we won’t) that they would do ICSI on all of the eggs given what they saw. He said that the sperm wasn’t binding with the eggs…not sure what that means, other than they couldn’t get themselves inside of the eggs. I then asked him if this was the expected result – having 11 out of 23 – he said a few of the eggs were not mature (which is totally expected), which would account for a handful of the 23 (those don’t fertilize), but that he would have hoped for more like 14 or 15 fertilized eggs. The impression I got was if they had done ICSI on all of them that more would have fertilized. Of course I couldn’t help but be a bit concerned – he wasn’t going to offer the information about the 14 or 15, but I asked. Not sure if it is good or bad for me to know that, but I would have been wondering, for sure. I guess this gives us some insight as to what may have been causing our problems…

So, unfortunately they won’t call tomorrow with another report. They will observe the eggs and what we want to happen is for them to grow, divide cells, and continue to progess normally. We are scheduled for the transfer on Thursday, 8/11. Depending on how many embryos we have at that point and how they are doing, they could push us out to a transfer two days later, on Saturday. But we won’t know that until Thursday morning. It’s good if we are delayed…that means the embryos are doing well…but if we are not delayed, doesn’t mean it is bad either. So we won’t know anything about our little embryos until Thursday, at the earliest. So tough to wait!! It’s hard to not think about it constantly – you just have no way to predict what may happen. I will do my best to just let it go and trust that things will work out as they should.

Please pray for our little embryos!! love to all, m

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