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Double the pleasure

Posted by Mel on November 21, 2005

Yesterday was good. We transferred two ‘beautiful’ embryos and everything went very smoothly. Of the original 15 embryos that fertilized, we froze 6 on the first day, transferred two yesterday, and there were still seven more that were growing as of yesterday. None have arrested as of then. The remaining 7 will stay in culture until Tuesday – if they proceed to where they should be on that day, they will be frozen. The doctor said he thought we’d probably have some to freeze, and if so, another bonus! We couldn’t have had a better report on the embryos yesterday. On day 3, which was yesterday, they should have 8 cells. The two we transferred had 8 nice-looking cells as did at least 3 or 4 others that remained in culture. Because of the quality of the embryos and our age, the doctor recommended transferring only two, which we were perfectly comfortable with. He said that transferring three would significantly increase the risk of triplets without really increasing the chances of pregnancy. So two it was.

So then we came home and I crashed in bed where I stayed for the rest of the day. I took a xanax for this procedure (prescribed, of course!) and it knocked me out, just like it did last time. But I welcomed the rest and it was a good day. I’m going to take it easy again today and then start getting ready for Thanksgiving!

So now we wait. I’ll be checking in with some posts before then, but our pregnancy test is scheduled for December 2nd – seems like an eternity! Hopefully time will go a little faster with the holiday in there. So please pray for us and our little embryos! Thanks to you all for your emails, calls, and prayers!


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Does anyone know what ‘huevos’ means?

Posted by Mel on November 18, 2005

Yep, 17 eggs (or huevos ;-). And my ovaries were feeling them, let me tell you. Yesterday went fine – I seemed to have more pain than I did with the last one, but like I mentioned before, my mind is not all that reliable, so who knows. We were quite relaxed going into the procedure yesterday. Even Alex! We were joking around while I was sitting in my skimpy hospital gown, open to the back, and listening to bad jokes delivered by the anesthesiologist (sp?). So then they took me back to the operating room – let me tell you, there is no room for modesty when it comes to this. I know that when procedures are done, they put you in whatever compromising position they need to in order to get the job done. But let’s just say that I was still freaking awake when they got me into position! And then the anesthesiologist was MIA so while I was hanging out (literally), they had to go find him and bring him back. By that point I was like ‘bring the drugs on!!’ so I don’t have to remember how many people are breezing by me while I’m just chilling in such an oh so comfortable position. The embryologist came it to verify my name and date of birth and the doctor was joking that I’d just have to bite on a bullet since the anesthesiologist was missing – ALL WHILE MY LEGS ARE UP IN THE AIR WITH NOTHING COVERING ME!!! I am certainly not considered modest, but man! Funny.

So I woke up, had some pretty bad cramps, and got some more drugs. Yeah. Then we came home and I rested for the rest of the day. Pretty smooth all around.

And we got a call this morning from the embryologist. Of the 17 eggs, 15 were mature and ALL 15 fertilized! We were very excited to hear that. They went ahead and froze 6 – they will do this sometimes when there are excess fertilized eggs. Appartently freezing right after fertilization gives the embryos the best chance of survival once they are dethawed, so that’s what they did. So we will have them if we ever need to try and use them. What a bonus! So the remaining 9 are hanging out in their cribs (dishes) and hopefully behaving for their babysitter (embryologist). We are not scheduled to get any updates tomorrow and it is fairly certain that we will go in for the transfer on Sunday. In the meantime, pray for our little embryos!

And finally, just to give you some insight into the wonderful doctors we have used for all of this, one of the doctor’s called me after we heard from the embryologist just for what he called a ‘social call’. He wanted to share his excitement at the egg and fertilization results and tell us that he was going to be out of town next week but that he’d be thinking of us and hoping for good news. Wow. I didn’t think things like this actuallly happened anymore. I knew he was great, but he took it to a whole new level this morning. They see this everyday and to think he is so invested and interested in our situation just makes me feel great. If only other doctors realized how far their gestures can go.

So that’s it for today. Will update when we have more news! Love to all!


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17 Huevos

Posted by Mel on November 17, 2005

We have completed the egg retrieval procedure successfully! We harvested 17 eggs and they are now being fertilized by the doctors in the lab. We will get a call tomorrow with the results of the fertilization process. Hopefully, a high percentage of them will move on to become healthy embryos.

Melissa is doing well. She is taking a nap, and is in some amount of pain, but nothing out of the ordinary. She will take it easy for the rest of the day and be up and about later this evening.

Now we wait…

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Almost there

Posted by Mel on November 16, 2005

So, a few more pricks, pokes, and ultrasounds later, we are one day away from our egg retrieval. Looks like we have lots of eggs again, though really hard to tell how many – some of the follicles are small, so they probably won’t have eggs. So we’ll just say ‘looks like alot’ for now and we’ll see tomorrow what we get. We go in tomorrow morning for the retrieval at 9:00. I am ready to harvest these bad boys (or girls…)!!

I am feeling ok – my estrogen took a big jump yesterday, which resulted in a big headache and feeling kinda yuck, but that was to be expected. The good news is that my estrogen is still lower than where it was last time, so the stimulation was much more controlled and reasonable this time (at least that’s what the docs say). And I do feel better than I did last time. Although it is hard to remember everything exactly – your mind kind of plays tricks on you, making you forget things that you thought you’d never forget and making you remember things that never really happened…

So, we go in the morning, they put me out for a little while, and they get the eggs out. It’s pretty quick, but I remember being really tired after last time. So I will likely come home and sleep for the day. Alex will stay home with me and he will write a post to let you know how many eggs we get. So until then, I’m off to go rest my ovaries…

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Moving right along

Posted by Mel on November 14, 2005

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. 1) there wasn’t much new info to share – shots, shots, and more shots. A few headaches thrown in for good measure and a couple of hot flashes to keep us on our toes. And 2) my mom was here cooking for me and keeping me preoccupied. It was so GREAT! I’m feeling so much better this cycle and having my mom here was a huge part of that, I’m sure. She left this morning…I considered tying her up and making her stay, but alas, real life beckons.

We have been to the doctor twice since I posted last. Things are ‘great’ and ‘just where we want to be’ so far. The best news of all, to me, is that my estrogen, so far, isn’t crazy high like it was last time. They made a concerted effort with my medicine doses to have a more controlled cycle with a more even escalation of hormones, etc. and so far, that seems to be what is happening. And boy can I tell a difference. I’m still tired and sluggish and have stretches where I feel crappy, but overall I feel much better than last time.

Based on Alex’s approximate count of follicles this morning (kind of tough to count – the doc is moving along, checking each one pretty quickly, so it’s hard to keep up) we look to have about the same, maybe a little more than last time. The interesting thing is that my right ovary is bearing a larger load than my left – last time they were pretty even. I think we probably counted 25 – 30 follicles today. Not all of those will wind up producing eggs, but seems to be in line with the numbers from last time.

So that’s about it. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for another ultrasound and more blood and will most certainly be doing the same every day this week. It looks like the egg retrieval will probably be Friday, maybe Saturday, and then the embryo transfer will be 3 days after that. So now I must go…my magazine and recliner are anxiously awaiting my return….

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Maybe I just like the doctors…

Posted by Mel on November 9, 2005

I am ridiculous! Maybe I have some subliminal attraction to doctors of any sort. I saw yet another doctor, of another specialty today. I have had an earache, off an on, for about a week and a half. I usually don’t see a doctor for this sort of thing, but 1) its been quite a few days and its not better and 2) I want to be proactive about addressing any issues with the IVF stuff going on. Soooo, I called around today and managed to get myself in to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. As an added bonus, they scheduled me for a hearing test since I was complaining of ear pain (a bonus for me because I’ve been needing to get my hearing checked anyway). So, I went – the doctor was so nice – he must have been in his seventies – he saw no problems with my ear. No fluid, infection, anything. Whew. Glad of that. But I think he caught me red-handed – he asked me if I used q-tips in my ears. I understated and said ‘on occasion’ (try every other night). And if I’m being honest, I remember my ear starting to hurt after a particulary aggressive session with the q-tip. So, he said don’t use them and hopefully this will resolve itself. Sounds good to me. I was going to protest if he tried to get me to take medicine anyway. My body is reeking of chemicals as it is…

And for the hearing test – I know many of you will be shocked to know that the audiologist said my hearing is perfectly normal. I held my hand to my ear and said ‘whaaatt?’ when she said that cause it is certainly hard to believe. I know I didn’t hear some of those beeps…but that is good news. Alex didn’t believe her though.

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Did we really start already?

Posted by Mel on November 8, 2005

Well, we had our first shot of this cycle. It was highly uneventul. We decided to keep our rigorous 8:00 pm shot schedule that we stuck to last cycle. Alex had to keep reminding me that it was almost 8, almost time to do our shot. I really kept forgetting. So different from last time when it was on my mind all the time, I was counting down the minutes until each shot. So much more relaxed this time – no freaking out if we don’t get every single drop into the syringe, no worrying about making sure we swipe everything just enough with the alcohol wipes, just kind of blase. Weird. I kept telling Alex that it felt surreal – like are we really doing this? I felt kind of removed, like I was a bystander and not a participant. I really hope the relaxed feeling continues….

I went back to the acupuncturist today. It was great! So very relaxing. This time he put needles into my feet, hands, belly, and one in the forehead. It is so strange, but I felt so good when I left. Just totally relaxed and mellow. Can’t wait to go again on Friday!

Now I’m off to study some Spanish…yes, I’m still studying, almost every day. Es muy bien!!

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All systems are go

Posted by Mel on November 7, 2005

Went to the doc this morning – had an ultrasound to check on the good ole’ ovaries and had some blood drawn to check the sadly manipulated hormones. Things are good on both accounts, so we are a go to begin the shots tonight. These are the stimulation shots that go in my belly – they don’t hurt so no big deal. I’m a little more wary of the effects…last time I had headaches and by the end, my ovaries hurt every time I moved! But, it all comes with the package, so it is what it is.

Our regular nurse wasn’t in the office today, so we had a nurse that I’d never seen before. She was cross-eyed and when she came to get us from the lobby she introduced herself but I couldn’t tell if she was actually looking at me. It was crazy. When I was talking to her I had no idea where to look so instead of looking her in the eye (which one??), I just kind of looked down when I was talking. Very interesting…

So, I will have a shot every night for the rest of the week and then we head back to the doctor on Saturday. That’s when they check for the first time to see how I’m responding to the medicine and then it is probably to the doctor every day for 5 or 6 days after that. I’ll also be going to the chiropractor and the acupuncturist two times each this week. Oh, what a busy life I lead…do interactions with doctors count as social outings???

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Pulling out all the stops…(or needles, as it were…)

Posted by Mel on November 3, 2005

So we have decided that with this IVF cycle, we are going to supplement the treatment with acupuncture. No, really! I had my first session today! Many women do acupuncture in conjunction with fertility treatments and there is pretty good evidence that it can actually increase your chances of success. So, we decided why not give it a try…nothing to lose, right? It is expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, if it helps, it will certainly be worth it. They put twelve needles in my back today. Then I got to lay there for 30 minutes…with a babbling brook and soothing music playing in my ear. Oh, and a heater blowing warm air on my feet. I think I slipped off into a tantric state…hehe. I was so out of it when the guy came back in at the end that I didn’t even look up to talk to him. I just kept my head in the little hole and grunted a yes here and there.

Otherwise, been feeling a bit crappy physically, already. I’m taking this medicine that suppresses insulin because sometimes it helps to increase egg quality and it makes me super nauseated and super gross on the other end, if you know what I mean. It is getting better, but I felt like crap for a few days there. But I do feel on the upswing now and I’m getting myself prepared for the real stuff. Bring it on…

We ordered the medicine this time over the phone – a mail order kind of place. Kind of weird – just another thing for me to worry about – but the medicine is supposed to get here on Friday. It is a little less this time, so that is nice. And, pretty good news – we have to do only one shot a day this time instead of two. Nice. I know Alex will like that.

So seems we are all set to get this train moving. I go to the doctor on Monday – they will check that my ovaries are ‘sufficiently suppressed’ and that all is clear to begin the shots. eeeekkkkkkkkk!!! I can’t believe we are starting again!!! Thanks to you all for your emails and posts…your support, thoughts, and prayers help us more than I can say!! Lova ya! m

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