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And then there were two…

Posted by Mel on December 15, 2005

Soooo…..looks like we have two little ones hanging out in my belly. Yep! Two!! We went to the doctor today and saw both sacs (that is about all you can see at this point) on the ultrasound and we also saw both of the baby’s heartbeats. It was so cool! The doctor said everything looked good – we go back right after Christmas for another ultrasound to measure progress. Alex and I are kind of mind-blown but excited. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers – please keep them coming for our little ones!!!

love to all,


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Posted by Mel on December 9, 2005

Sorry for no post after our doctor visit yesterday. I was just sooo tired I slept pretty much all day. So we had an ultrasound to check the fluid – not too much there, although I still feel pretty darn bloated. Said there was some, but not enough to drain again. I’m ok with that – I’m not miserable and I really don’t want to have it drained again. So at this point, I’m still uncomfortable but it isn’t as bad as it was before we had it drained. Hopefully it will stay like this for a few more days and then begin to subside.

We had more blood work done on Thursday – the number has more than doubled again, so the doctor said it was good. Now we have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to go back (I may have withdrawals…) – we go next Thursday, which is our 6-weeks pregnant mark, to have another ultrasound. At that point they should be able to determine the health and number of babies we have in there.

So, please keep praying for us. I’m pretty nerve-wracked but so grateful to be where we are…

love to all,

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A few things

Posted by Mel on December 5, 2005

Well, there are a few things to catch you up on after my brief post on Friday…

First, we had blood work again today (they moniter pretty closely for a while). They were looking for the HCG level to at least double and it did do that and more. They said the blood work looks great which means the pregnancy is progressing well so far. It was a good thing to hear that! We still have a few more of these check points to go.

Second, what would this be like without a little drama? Because I am pregnant (it feels nice to say that 😉 and because of the number of eggs I produced (alot), I am now having some hyperstimulation in my ovaries/abdomen. Mainly what that means is that I have fluid in my ovaries and all in my abdomen. This isn’t a huge deal and should subside in about a week or two, but if it gets to be too much fluid it has to be drained. Well, guess what we did today. Got some fluid drained. It kept building over the weekend and I was very uncomfortable yesterday and last night. So they checked me today and said yep, there is lots in there. They thought almost a liter but ended up being less than that. So they had to put me to sleep to do it which always adds a little drama as well – I mean, they wheel you to the car in a wheel chair! So now we are home and I’m feeling much better in relation to the hyperstimulation. I don’t feel like my stomach is going to burst anymore. It was crazy – it literally looked like I was already about 4 months pregnant. They said it can build up again, so I have to get checked again on Thursday. We will do another blood check then too.

And Third, I don’t think I ever mentioned that we had 4 more embryos that were frozen. If you remember, we froze six up front, the day after fertilization, and we had 7 remaining after we transferred the two. Of those 7, 4 were healthy enough to be frozen. We had to pay our ‘storage’ fee today. You pay a yearly fee for them to store them until you use them. It is amazing.

So that is about it. I am going to have to continue to take it easy for a little while until this fluid thing really resolves. I am getting really good at sitting around and doing nothing. But I will be glad to get moving again! I will update again after our visit on Thursday.

Love to all!

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Drum roll please….

Posted by Mel on December 2, 2005

Good News!!!! The pregnancy test was positive! We are elated! They measured the ‘pregnancy hormone’, which is HCG, and the level is strong. We will go back on Monday for more blood work to monitor the hormones as they should keep rising. Things will be monitored pretty closely for the first few weeks. But we have cleared the first hurdle and are so grateful. Thanks to you all for your many, many prayers. I will post more details later…love to all!! m

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