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10 weeks…

Posted by Mel on January 12, 2006

Yep, 10 weeks pregnant today. In some ways it seems like it has been forever!! Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been feeling pretty yucky for the last few weeks. I haven’t done much of anything. So since I updated last, here are the highlights:

– we had our last appointment with our beloved fertility specialists a couple of days before our 8 weeks mark. We had an ultrasound, saw the babies again (this time they looked somewhat like what you’d expect babies to look like), and they said all was well and good bye. Of course we were totally excited to be somewhat ‘normal’ but sad to be leaving the comfort and safety of the doctors we have been working with very closely for the past year (yes, it has been that long). As we were checking out, the nurse went to print our records to take with us to the OB/GYN. She was gone for a while and came back and said ‘Sorry it took me so long, but you guys had alot of records!”….yeah, no kidding. They also gave us two little baby spoons as congratulations. It was very sweet.

– we were scheduled to see our OB/GYN about 2 weeks after that visit with the fertility docs. It seemed like an eternity. I was quite nauseated (although I’ve only vomited once this entire time), VERY tired, and horribly constipated. Oh, and a few headaches here and there as well. I am surely not complaining here – just documenting in case I ever forget :-). Yeah right. So it has been a little rough, but it could be much, much worse and we are definitely hanging in there.

– this Monday (1/9) we finally saw the OB/GYN. They do a whole work up for your first pre-natal visit and for us that consisted of an ultrasound, a meeting with the ‘OB Coordinator’ to go over all of the background questions, etc., an exam with the doctor, and then finally blood work for some initial screening tests. We were there for a total of 4 hours! It was a LONG day, especially since I rarely am up from my chair or bed for more than an hour or two at a time ;-). So anyway, we saw the babies again on the ultrasound – it was so cool. They definitely look like babies now and we could see them moving their arms and legs! It was amazing.

So now, we don’t go back to the doctor for 4 weeks. Talk about major withdrawals! It has been probably 4 months since we’ve gone that long without seeing a doctor. From what I gathered at our visit, up until 20 weeks, we will see the doctor on a regular schedule (about every 4 weeks) and then after that, we will be monitored more closely because it is a twin pregnancy. They have to make sure the babies are both growing, check for signs of preterm labor, etc.

So, that’s about it. I will try to do better about updates!

love to all,


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