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On the mend

Posted by Mel on May 24, 2007

I think we are all on the mend (except maybe for Alex…he wasn’t feeling well yesterday). No fevers for two days now and eating and sleeping better. Yeah! We are still having a bit of trouble at night – D wants to be held when he wakes up. I think he is teething like crazy. His first tooth just popped through recently (not until he was almost 10 months!) and he must be working on another. He seems to be more sensitive to these things than E. She has two teeth already and never really had any major issues. But anyway, we were up for about an hour last night, but that is much better than the 2.5 hours the night before.

The babies are cracking me up these days. They are growing so fast and becoming little people. Such distinct personalities. E is a busybody – headstrong, determined, and independent. D is more of a cuddle bunny. He is stubborn and sensitive. Yet I find that there is no pigeonholing these two. E IS very independent, but she is more wary of new people and when she gets hurt, she wants her Mama! D is more sensitive but he adapts to new situations well and can be quite friendly to strangers. They both make me so proud I can hardly stand it.

I was thinking yesterday how much easier things are now. The first few months with two infants was hellish. Very, very difficult. We certainly have our challenges now, but things are very manageable. We get around well, I can handle the babies by myself in most situations, and we have adapted to this life. People make comments when we travel like ‘boy, you are brave’ – but not really. We are just living the life that we have and adapting and learning along the way. It really has just gotten better and better. So any parents of newborn twins out there – it does get better, I promise! There is a turning point at 3 months and then another one probably around 6 months. I had a hard time seeing a light at the end of the tunnel but trust me, it is there. It’s actually fun now!

Ok, off to clean up the million toys on the floor…


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