Two Niños

From infertility to two babes at once, this is my life…

All at once

Posted by Mel on June 26, 2007

The babies are kicking my ass at night.  Which is nice, because all other aspects of my life are stressful right now, so bedtime getting harder reaalllly helps.  Yeah.

So here’s the thing.  During the week, I am home with the babies by myself.  My husband travels for work….every week.  I know, why in sam hell would we do this to ourselves?  It was the only way we could move back to my hometown and be near family, which we desperately needed after the babies came.  Alex being gone during the week is obviously a huge tradeoff to accomplish the above, but his job also affords us opportunities to travel, which is really important to us too.  But, back to the original point, I am here by myself during the week (Monday morning to Thursday night) and it is hard.  I do have help from my family (mainly my mom) – so that makes it doable – but it’s still hard to not have your partner around, to help with the kids, to talk to, to keep you company.  So basically, any given week is in and of itself a bit stressful with him gone.

Well, lately has been even better – we are 1) buying a new house here (we had a contract on our house where we came from, but it fell through…so we are buying this new house AND keeping the old one) 2) trying to organize having our furniture moved from old house to new one, including a garage sale to dump old stuff  3) Alex is on a very crappy project right now and is barely able to call me at night, much less come home when he’s supposed to, so I am going to have to do alot of this move by myself.

So, I’ve been a little stressed out.  It’s weird how things like this always seem to happen at the same time.  The babies must have already inherited my sick sense of humor and have decided to play a little trick on mama with their bedtime antics.  If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be kinda proud of them…


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