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Um, yeah

Posted by Mel on January 28, 2008

Sooo, I’ve done really well with my posting more pledge, yeah.  But, moving along….

I’ve actually made a friend.  I am kind of bad at making friends – I always make the other person do all of the work and I’m totally awkward for a while until I really get to know  you.  But, being a mom makes this much easier I’m finding…and since I don’t have any friends here (outside of my family) in my new (but old, where I grew up) town, I took a big step and actually made myself a friend!  I joined a parents of multiples group here a few months ago and it has been great.  It has opened some doors as far as interaction with other moms and has given me opportunities to do things that have been pretty fun.  Plus, it’s cool to see all of these other family’s with twins or more.  But anyway, I met my new friend at this club and we’ve done a few things together.  Our kids are the same age and that makes it even easier.  They played together today for the first time and it was really nice.  It’s kind of silly, but I’m proud of myself for making a friend…that sounds so lame but its true.  It is a hard thing for me – I tend to have few, longstanding friends.  It takes me a long time to be comfortable with someone.  So yeah for me.


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