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Um, yeah

Posted by Mel on January 28, 2008

Sooo, I’ve done really well with my posting more pledge, yeah.  But, moving along….

I’ve actually made a friend.  I am kind of bad at making friends – I always make the other person do all of the work and I’m totally awkward for a while until I really get to know  you.  But, being a mom makes this much easier I’m finding…and since I don’t have any friends here (outside of my family) in my new (but old, where I grew up) town, I took a big step and actually made myself a friend!  I joined a parents of multiples group here a few months ago and it has been great.  It has opened some doors as far as interaction with other moms and has given me opportunities to do things that have been pretty fun.  Plus, it’s cool to see all of these other family’s with twins or more.  But anyway, I met my new friend at this club and we’ve done a few things together.  Our kids are the same age and that makes it even easier.  They played together today for the first time and it was really nice.  It’s kind of silly, but I’m proud of myself for making a friend…that sounds so lame but its true.  It is a hard thing for me – I tend to have few, longstanding friends.  It takes me a long time to be comfortable with someone.  So yeah for me.


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My kids are walking!

Posted by Mel on July 11, 2007

My babies are walking! Here we are, two days away from their first birthday, and they are on overdrive with the new skills lately. They have both been taking a few steps here and there since they were about 11 months, but now my girl, E, is pretty much walking wherever she wants to go. She hardly crawls anymore – and she has progressed to this state mainly in the last week. And my boy D, he isn’t quite as mobile as E yet, but he is initiating walking on his own and taking several steps at a time. And they both are able to stand themselves up without pulling up onto anything. Yeah for my babes!

Ok, I’m done bragging. Or really, I’m more just in awe. We’ve come a long way in a year’s time. It is so very fun to see them becoming little people.

And things are moving along with the new house. We have been having lots of work done over the last couple of weeks – redoing all of the ceilings, painting the whole house, carpet in next week. And it is coming together as quickly as possible. I’m really looking forward to moving in – we need our own space again.

So really, the only crappy thing right now is that Alex is STILL gone. He has been gone for over a week now and it is taking a toll. He is supposed to come home tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to it. We have had several stupid fights this week, all attributable to the frustration of being apart for so long. Long for us, at least.

So, that about wraps up this boring little post. I’m trying to get some inspiration…hopefully it will make its way to me soon.

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So, so

Posted by Mel on July 5, 2007

I’m so bored, so lonely, yet I don’t feel like doing anything. I seem to be severely lacking in the energy department as of late. And when I don’t have deadlines looming before me, it is even worse. I’ve always been this way to a degree – I function much better when I am busy and have hard commitments – but it has gotten way out of hand. The energy problem is a bit confusing – I can’t tell for sure if it is a) physiological b) mental or c) just laziness. I think it is probably a combination of the three, weighing a little more heavily on the a and b side.

But, back to the bored and lonely. Alex left for work today (meaning he got up at 4am to catch a flight to his client site) and he won’t be back until next Thursday. Aaaggghh. That is really no good. He normally travels Monday morning through Thursday evening, but they are having problems with his project, they really need him over the weekend, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line – I’m here alone with two (almost) one-year old twins for seven days straight – in the midst of trying to get our new house ready to move into, get all of our crap packed and ready to move from our rental, and plan some sort of birthday shindig for the babies. And yes, all of that sucks, but I do have help from my family which makes it doable. But the bored and lonely, they can’t really help with. I miss having my husband around in the evenings. And I’m too tired at the end of the day to really do anything productive. And I don’t have cable so there isn’t much in the way of mind-numbing tv to while away the time. Man, I’m whiney. Poor, poor me.

But I really do miss my husband. Him travelling is hard and the jury is still out on whether or not this is doable long-term. I like the benefits that come with this job – we get to do some travelling by combining his work trips with personal ones (defrays some costs since he is there for work), he is home for three days out of the week and actually gets to be with us for those three days (he is officially working from home on Fridays, but it is very flexible so he helps during the day), and we get to live in my hometown, with all of my family around. These are big benefits for us and are worth this travelling situation, so far. But really, the hardest thing for me at this point is not having him here for me. Yes, it would be nice to have him here to help with the babies in the evenings, but that is manageable and not too bad, really. Mainly, I miss his company and our interaction. I miss us.

So off I go to try to entertain myself until I’ve wound down enough to go to bed. Endless google searches, here I come…

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Posted by Mel on May 18, 2007

When you text someone, the whole point is to be short and to the point – no pleasantries involved. But I just can’t do it. Unless it is my husband or close relatives, I just can’t write a simple ‘ok’ or ‘yes’. I feel compelled to include at least the basic greeting and closing. Why? I don’t know. I’m sure it says something about me, just not sure what.

I even find myself wondering why someone was so ‘short’ on their text with me – are they mad, annoyed, what? Weird, huh? I know that most people don’t bother with pecking out pleasantries on their little phone buttons, but still these thoughts go through my mind.

I think I am extra sensitive to everything. It allows me to be super perceptive about people, but it is also a curse because I am constantly aware of everything. Every little expression, intonation, movement, etc. I learned through my former business life to take a step back and not always intuit meaning into everything, but I still have to remind myself sometimes. My poor husband generally bears the brunt of my craziness….some would call him a saint.

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Update coming soon…

Posted by Mel on May 1, 2007

I’m going to write a from-last-post-to-now update soon…there is alot to tell!!

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