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We are home

Posted by Mel on May 22, 2007

We are home from our 6 day trip to Chicago. It was quite enjoyable. We are all battling colds now, but overall it was a very successful trip. Travelling with children is always a bit difficult, but I believe it is magnified with infant twins. The hardest part is the plane, although where you stay is a big factor too. We did alot of things right this time (after learning from our first trip to Chicago back in January) – I think I will put a post together with tips for travelling with twins. Need to think about it for a bit to make sure I include all the good stuff.

So like I said, we are all dealing with a cold we picked up in Chicago. This is really the first time the babies have been sick. E handled it well and quickly, D not so much. He had a rough day yesterday – fever up to 102.6, some vomiting, and a restless night. Forget sleep for me – I put a pallet down in the babies’ room and ‘slept’ on the floor, about a foot from the end of D’s bed. The fever didn’t scare me that much (although he did feel like a little fire ball) but the vomiting kind of freaked me out. I was so worried he would be dehydrated on top of the fever. But he woke up this morning in good spirits and the fever had come down so hopefully he is on the mend. It is such a bad feeling when your babies don’t feel well. They are so pathetic and you are so helpless to help them. I think it is probably worse at this age, too, because they can’t communicate to you how they are feeling or what is wrong. But we are muddling through…I’m learning and they are learning to deal with me :-).

So that’s about it – hopefully more recovery for the next day or two and trying to get back into our routine. We have a new baby pool that’s just itching for some cute little babies to float around in it…


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Nothing like a little travelling

Posted by Mel on May 17, 2007

We are in Chicago this week. Alex had some business meetings so the babes and I came along with him. His sister lives here, so it is a good excuse to spend some time with family. We got here on Tuesday and will head back home on Sunday.

The babies have actually done really well so far. This was their second plane trip (we came to Chicago in January – I KNOW, WHAT WERE WE THINKING!! – when the babies were 6 months old). There were extra seats on the plane so we were able to take their car seats on. The flight was even enjoyable! They ate, slept, and ate some more. I got to write some and even peruse a magazine. That’s more ‘me’ time than I get in the normal course of a day.

We are staying at a Residence Inn so the setup is fantastic (when you have babies, at least). We have a living room with a separate bedroom, a pretty much full kitchen, with a DISHWASHER!! I don’t even have one of those at home. It is awesome. I have so much more time – when I’m home, once they go down for their nap in the morning, I have to wash bottles, cups, dishes etc. Which usually leaves me with about 15 minutes to sit down and read the news, pay bills, whatever. Here, I just load up the dishwasher in about 5 minutes, and I’m DONE. Yee haw! I am so ready to move out of my uncle’s place. We need a dishwasher! That is motivation enough.

I venture to say that the babies are sleeping better here than at home. The hotel supplied us with two pack and play cribs so we are all set. They are napping now…quite peacefully. And later we are going to go out shopping for a while and then meet up with the fam.

I am really enjoying being here. I love Chicago, but even more than that, it is wonderful to have some variation to our daily routine. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut – to not want to leave the house because it is nap time or eating time or whatever. I try not to do that at home, but it is very easy to get sucked in. But when you travel, you better forget it unless you want to be miserable the entire trip. It is great for me to be forced to be more relaxed with the schedule and routine. The more we do it, the more I see that the babies adapt and are fine and the more I’m inclined to do it some more. Don’t get me wrong, it is a HUGE pain preparing for a trip with 10 month old twins, but very much worth it.

By the way, I will try to occasionally do some catch up between my last update to now, but I think I’ll do it in a more casual fashion….in keeping with my current ‘relaxed’ theme :-).

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